Senior Developer/DevOps

Company Name:
Phase2 Technology
Position Type:
Phase2 has 4 locations: Alexandria, VA (our Headquarters), NYC, Portand, OR and San Francisco. This position can be done in one of our 4 locations as well as remotley if you are not located near one of our offices.
Phase2 is seeking a Senior Developer/DevOPs to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a good open source portfolio: a list of projects on a GitHub; has experience with projects which use cloud services; has the ability to think in "cloud terms," when to use outside cloud services, when to keep it in-house, and how to scale. And has good source management practices and experience with distributed version control systems like Git and Mercurial, as well as older VCS's like Subversion.
The candidate will be able branch code, write code, test code, commit code and deploy code across two dozen servers without blinking an eye. He/she should also be sharp at reading the internals of a system, checking load balance, knowing when to add more iron and knowing how to receive and interpret automated messages about the state of the machines they manage.
Seeking either a Senior Developer who

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