Systems Administrator

Company Name:
Phase2 Technology
Position Type:
Phase2 is seeking a Systems Administator to join our team. Managing
the IT services at Phase2 is a challenging task that requires a person that is adept as working in various facets of our business with a variety of skills for both local and remote employees. From computer provisioning to Help Desk support to managing our hardware suppliers and agreements, this talented individual will get to know everyone in the company and how we do business. They are a key part of our company and culture because they keep the gears greased and turning. Our teams could not deliver amazing work to our clients without this position.
Work closely with our infrastructure team to mature our platforms
Purchase all equipment / accessories / software
Track all equipment / accessories / software
Provision all Hardware for employees
Laptops, printers, tablets, monitors etc.
Manage network at all Phase2 Offices
Desktop support for all Phase2 staff
Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
Manage local and remote warranty related repairs
Lead for IT Help Desk JIRA project
Provision / Deprovision all accounts for employees, contractors and clients
Google Apps, OpenAir, Salesforce, NIS, Jabber, Crowd, Adobe, Email, etc.
Manage online backup services for all Phase2 employee hardware
Manage backup and monitoring for all virtual

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