Customer Acquisition Analyst - Mobile

Company Name:
RideCharge Inc.
Position Type:
Taxi Magic, a leader in mobile ground transportation solutions, is seeking a well-rounded, accomplished customer acquisition analyst to execute game-changing growth marketing campaigns and increase our rider base. You will be a player-coach - working with senior marketing staff to set the strategy for acquisition, executing the individual campaigns, digging deep into the data and compiling insightful reports. You will live in the adoption funnel, moving users from awareness of our products to adoption and repeat usage. You will manage a wide-ranging mix of marketing platforms, helping to decide the resources to invest in different customer acquisition channels. You will be the expert on the customer lifecycle, how we acquire new riders and which channels deserve marketing investment. You will focus on heavily on reporting, uncovering and sharing insights that will effect how every member of the marketing team approaches their roles. And most important of all, you will be yourself, bringing vivid acquisition marketing & data analysis experience, and your authentic ideas about customer acquisition, to a set of products positioned for liftoff.
This is a rewarding growth opportunity for an established consumer marketing analyst to have a HUGE impact on a growing enterprise and develop into a

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